Recent 501c3 Website project...
"The site is awesome!
Thank you so much James and Dustin for your hard work."

-- Phil C, President

Fitness and Nutrition
Love it!  EVERYTHING LOOKS GREAT!!!  I'm so excited and so thankful, Jim!  Thanks so much for being such a big part of us reaching people by making a beautiful website for us!!🙏🏼🙏🏼

Thank you for your patience and your continued guidance! ❣️

-- Anna W, Owner


Jim is a very experienced developer that is up for any challenge. He is comfortable with a wide range of technologies and is able to use his experience and knowledge to develop creative solutions to meet client needs. He takes great pride in his work and is willing to put in the extra time/effort needed to meet client deadlines.

He is adept at explaining technology and solutions in terms that anyone can understand and makes everyone feel comfortable with the solutions he creates.

-- Kevin W, Senior Account Executive

I worked with James during a major migration effort moving 500+ different web sites from one hosting provider to another. James was a key contributor in that effort helping automate key tasks delivery a better environment to {customer} partners and developers of those sites. He is always a team player.

He created a framework for {customer} to deliver a DevOps environment to developers allowing developers to work fast. In addition to creating this framework James has educated others on coding best practices and makes others around him more knowledgeable. The framework he has built has allowed others to create additional features to the DevOps environment like continuous security scans.

He is a valuable resource and I would bring him onboard again.

-- Shane S, Infrastructure Sr. Manager

Jim is a class act Developer, he has been a out of the box solution solver on many CMS and .net/SQL/ development projects for my clients. Jim has developed Web CMS's from the bottom up and customized existing websites built in various platforms. He uses Best Practices in all his projects and is a top of line Web Developer. Thank you Jim for making my projects a success.

-- Sherry M, Sales

I would highly recommend James. He helped us to fast track an interface to a web order entry service. We needed experience and speed to get the project done quickly. James took his first assignment on day one and was super productive throughout the project. He brought new ideas and best practices to the project and team. He worked well with our agile method and everyone on the team. It was a pleasure doing business with James.

-- Jerry B, Retired IT Manager/Director

Jim is a really talented individual who is passionate about his work and about keeping up on the latest trends, best practices and technology. At the same time, he is level-headed and always cool under pressure. I also admire Jim as a person - for his ethics, values and professionalism. I would be happy to be on the same team as Jim, anytime.

-- Rich M, President