Why do you need a CMS?

If you don't know it yet, you need a CMS.  It should be a part of your business's technology plan.  To start from scratch is a grave mistake, that usually results in many starts, stops, and restarts.  

A CMS should help you manage the web assets of your business (content and technology).  It should make it easy update and post new content.  It should express your brand and not just fill in someone else's template.  

Why Us?

Your website should be promoting your business.  It should not drain hours from your daily task list.  We've done this a few hundred times (seriously).  We seek to take that knowledge and put it to work for you.  In short, we want to get you over the hurdles and thinking about your next goal.

Our CMS technologies, are married with an interview approach that seeks to understand your brand and business or non-profit organization. Then we leave the beauty to the artist, the markup to the designer and the code to techies.  You write content and then see it come to life behind a design you've chosen and signed off from at least 3 variations.

Are you tired of Wordpress yet? Is this a page or a post? Have you donated enough of your time to Wix yet?

What is a Content Management System?

At it's very core, a CMS seeks to remove layers of complexity needed to update your website.  

Maybe you've gone through school and had some HTML classes, know your tags (<h1>, <br />, <p>text</p>) and maybe how to put a button on a page.  Maybe you've even tried creating your own site, keep it simple: index.html.  Like most people, it probably didn't take long to find out there is a reason why people do this for a living.  Technology questions immediately abound: should I use technology A or technology B?  If I use B, then I can't use C which only works with A.  A CMS keeps these technologies "mostly" out of site for you, with access when needed.

At their core, all websites have a plethora of technologies that are important for you to understand at some level: HTML, CSS, Javscript and countless libraries that sound more like something out of an ice cream shop than something to build your organization on. When we build out your design, we use modern, relevant technologies and keep them out of view for you.

A CMS seeks to put you a level above all that, where you can focus on your content and not the technology.